At Boonderu we firmly believe in the power of music and its place at the heart of any education environment.  

Music is a primal form of teaching and communication. It activates areas of the brain that pertain to emotion, motivation, learning and reward. With various instruments, you can weave a story and produce a calm reserve.

The principal aim of Boonderu is to give students who need it most, the opportunity to play, study and perform music every week of their school journey.                      Our music sessions are a calm, therapeutic, nurturing space for children to learn and express themselves through music. By working together with the staff of all of the schools we run our program in, we strive to improve the educational and social outcomes for children. We build meaningful relationships with each student and reinforce self worth and positive behaviours by using the incredibly powerful tool of music.

We use music as the vehicle, however our focus is not on producing world class musicians. We aim to ensure that children are feeling happy, consistently attending school, but most importantly are engaged in all areas of their learning. We guide and teach children to focus their energy and attention. We achieve this with in class music sessions and instrumental lessons in guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums, singing, song writing and the study of music theory. Through this, Boonderu students feel a heightened sense of joy, confidence and achievement.  All of these positive outcomes consistently translate to an overall improvement in student attendance and classroom behaviours.  

Scientific research has found that music can have a profound influence, potentially elevating the positive aspects of mood, such as "vigor, excitement and happiness, and reducing depression, tension, fatigue, anger and confusion". 

We respectfully acknowledge that any education system can not cater to all students. Boonderu caters for students of all academic abilities and many of our students are at opposite ends of the academic spectrum. The students must adhere to our strict behavioural code of conduct, however our classrooms are free from judgement and the students are neither graded nor streamed.                                                               

Although a high percentage of our students are Aboriginal, Boonderu is a place for all children of any race, gender or background. Our program started at Roebourne District High School in January 2015 and has now expanded to five other schools throughout the Pilbara and into Perth including Mosman Park Primary School, Fremantle College (formerly South Fremantle High School), Dampier Primary School, Moorditj Noongar Community Colllege and Southern River High School.

Aboriginal culture is a 75,000 year old culture based on song and story telling. The elders of Roebourne say,

"A good education is like a song. You sing the song over and over until the song is part of you. Sharing your song keeps your mind and body strong". 

This was such a wonderful and succinct statement that gave birth to Boonderu, strength in our own ideas, and is at the very core of Boonderu's ethos.

We have found that the discussion and study of music and live performance encourages self esteem and gives any education campus a heart and soul.