The students of BMA attend 2-3 scheduled music lessons per week taught by Qynn Beardman and Josie Alec.  Approximately 85 students, girls and boys, from Year 3 - 12 attend lessons. Class music is taught by Boonderu staff in Kindy, Pre-Primary and Years 1 and 2. 

Our Boonderu performance group have showcased their talents at other Pilbara schools during NAIDOC celebrations, Expresstival in Perth, Wirrpanda Foundation dinner, 2015 AIEO conference, North Cottesloe Primary School, Brierty, The Cossack Family Day and in 2016 were 1 of only 3 groups world wide to be officially invited to Garma Festival.

During music lessons children explore their chosen instrument, music theory, traditional Aboriginal instruments, songs in language and traditional Aboriginal dance. 


Students can choose to play Guitar, Drums, traditional percussion, Keyboard, Bass Guitar and Singing. Music theory principals are enforced with respect to the oral nature of Aboriginal culture and traditional ways of learning.


Children from Kindergarten to Year 2 are given the opportunity to explore music, language and movement with Boonderu's twice weekly lessons in their own class room environment. We focus on the joy that participating in music brings, whilst using aboriginal terms and language to reinforce culture.


Upper school students are fascinated by all things digital. We offer studies in Logic Version 9, Pro tools version 12, Ableton live and Garage Band. Sound engineering, editing, beat making, multi tracking. Students can explore the latest beats and sounds and then add their own instrumentation, both modern by way of synthesisers and in culture with tapping sticks and Boomerang.


Boonderu is proud to help keep the tradition of bringing the elders and senior men and women to school to impart traditional dance and songs to the students. We also have a mandate from the community to help record the old peoples songs and stories so that in future times this precious resource is not lost. 


Staging, lighting, PA set up, backline, Front of house and monitor engineering, are but a few of the careers available to young people in the music industry, aside from performance.


One on one and small group mentoring for students with behavioural or attendance and engagement issues is a cornerstone of Boonderu. We build relationships with all of our students, however we make sure we have time for those that need it most.


Our singing group is led by Boonderu teacher Josie Alec. The group meet twice a week after school to come together and sing locally written music, popular "chart" songs and songs in language. 






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